Auto Window Tinting

Selecting a film for the windows of your vehicle can provide you with countless benefits. Some of these visual, health, and safety benefits include:




Window film can reject up to 63% of solar energy beaming into your vehicle.  This high heat rejection and low reflectivity means protection from the sun’s heat. A cooler interior means more comfort and can drastically decrease the need for air conditioning use, leading to improved gas mileage and longer life of AC systems


Glare from the sun and from the headlights of other drivers at night can blind your vision and pose serious safety risks on the road. Window film can help reduce this dangerous glare by as much as 93%, making your drive safer and more comfortable

Health Risks

Every type and shade of window film blocks 99% of UV light from entering your vehicle. UV rays from the sun are known to pose potential health risks both to your eyes and skin. The 99% UV protection gives your vehicle a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of up to 1000.


UV rays and heat are two of the primary causes of fading on the interior of your vehicle. The reduction of both of these things by your window film will help prolong the life of your vehicle’s seats, carpets, wood trip, and dashboard.


Safety & Security

Shattered window glass can easily become projectiles and cause other harm in an automobile accident. Window film helps hold together broken glass fragments making your car safer than ever in the even of an accident. Window film also makes it more difficult for an intruder to gain entrance into your vehicle making your car more resistant to smash-and-grab car theft.


Besides the obvious health and safety benefits of window film, tinted windows can help improve the aesthetic look of your vehicle. There are a variety of films from virtually invisible to smoky dark shades and everything in between. With all the available options we are sure we can assist you in finding the exact right type and shade for you and your vehicle. Tinted windows may also help increase the sale value of your car.